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ASU Undergraduate Research & Experiential Learning Projects


Engage in cutting-edge research projects at ASU while earning academic credit. ASU offers opportunities to work with faculty on research projects across disciplines, providing you with hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of your field of study. Check with your academic advisor to understand how you can obtain credit and find even more research opportunities.

Explore research opportunities outside of the classroom by getting involved in faculty-led research projects at ASU. Check with individual departments or research centers within ASU for opportunities to volunteer or work on research projects that align with your interests in addition to searching here.

Expand your research experience by exploring opportunities to collaborate with other institutions or organizations outside of ASU. Many opportunities can be found using Handshake or by going to that institution/organization's website directly. Check with your academic advisor to understand if you can obtain credit and find even more research opportunities.

Immerse yourself in hands-on learning with field experience opportunities. Through your academic program, you may have the opportunity to partake in a field experience where you get to go outside the classroom and work in an environment aligned with your interests - typically while getting academic credit!

The capstone project is a culminating experience that brings together knowledge and skills gained throughout your time at ASU. Students work on a project that addresses a real-world problem, challenge, or opportunity in their field of study. Capstone projects are typically completed during the final year of study and can be done individually or in a group. Check your major map to see if you have a capstone experience included.

A practicum is a hands-on learning experience that takes place in a professional setting. It provides students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world environment. ASU offers practicum opportunities in a variety of fields and majors. Check your major map to see if you have a practicum experience included.

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Case Study

My experience learning about DNA Nanotechnology was outside of my undergraduate curriculum and opened up a sincere interest in molecular biology that continued past this project. Without the mentorship in doing this project, I would not be in a very technical and rewarding field that I’m in today in next-generation sequencing! I felt challenged, engaged, and had the opportunity to travel and explore more about science at the American Chemical Society’s conference in Miami, Florida. I really appreciated the extra attention from the faculty to complete a detailed project on something that truly sparked connections and interest to the skills I learned during my degree. It really helped my degree show me something tangible beyond scores.

Alberta Abram
Biology, Psychology

Research and Course Project Examples

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    IgnitED Labs


    The IgnitED Labs make up an innovative technology hub that presents interactions, products and services aimed to provide students with pathways to gain new skill sets and mindsets.

  • OURS Program


    Join the OURS Program to participate in diverse research experiences spanning from natural and social sciences to humanities. Distinguish yourself with hands-on learning exclusively available to ASU Online Liberal Arts and Sciences students. Your path to academic growth and success starts here!

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    The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE)


    CRPE is dedicated to meeting the needs of every student by applying transformative and tested ideas in public education to inform important changes in policy and practice.

  • ASU-LACMA Master's Fellowship in Art History


    Unlock your future in the art museum world with the ASU-LACMA Master's Fellowship! This three-year program aims to culturally diversify museum staff and leadership. Gain hands-on experience and join a new generation of museum leaders fostering inclusivity in the art culture. Apply now for a transformative opportunity!

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    NSF I-Corps


    Through the real-world, hands-on, immersive NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program, you will learn the entrepreneurial skills necessary to identify market opportunities for the discoveries emerging from your research.

  • Translational Teams


    Join ASU's dynamic Translational Teams, made up of researchers, clinicians, community partners, government leaders, industry innovators, and students who are eager to translate research into action. Help create real-world solutions for a healthier world - join now!

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    College of Health Solutions Research


    Participate in research initiatives supported by the College of Health Solutions and make a difference in wellness and health solutions.

  • Devils Invent


    Innovate solutions to challenging problems posed by community, industry, and University partners. Develop your entrepreneurial mindset by designing, building, and implementing solutions as a team, regardless of majors and skill levels.

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    The SOLUR program provides opportunities for undergraduates in the School of Life Sciences to participate in exciting biological research alongside faculty and other mentors, while learning about scientific investigation through hands-on experiences.

  • Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI)


    Contribute to leading undergraduate research sponsored by the Fulton Schools of Engineering while developing relationships with Fulton faculty members, enhancing technical education through hands-on lab experience, and engaging in independent and thesis-based research.

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    Edson College Undergraduate Research Charter


    The Undergraduate Research Charter through the Edson College of Nursing and Health Solutions provides opportunities for undergraduate students of all majors to participate in small-group health and nursing-related study and research experiences.

  • Migration, Art, Place: US/GER


    Explore migration to Germany and the U.S., focusing on cultural expression, community building, and climate change. Join UNESCO BRIDGES Humanities Labs, delving into Berlin and Phoenix immigrant communities, with a GIE opportunity to study abroad in Winter Break ‘24: Engage Berlin: Migration, Art, Place.

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    Watts College Undergraduate Research


    Browse and apply to research opportunities housed by Watts College.

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    ASU’s Sustainability Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) program provides students with research opportunities to help build their career skills and enhance their competitiveness for jobs and graduate school.

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    REU in Sustainable Chemistry and Catalysis


    Participants in this immersive, 10-week summer research experience will have the opportunity to design, conduct and optimize green chemical transformations while receiving hands-on research mentorship from faculty within ASU’s School of Molecular Sciences.

  • handshake


    Find exciting research and project opportunities on Handshake. Check out this list of positions that may fit your interests.

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    ASU Lodestar Center Nonprofit Job Board


    Updated daily, the ASU Lodestar Center Nonprofit Job Board is the go-to resource for those seeking nonprofit jobs, internships or new opportunities.

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    The New College Undergraduate Inquiry and Research Experiences program provides New College undergraduate students with opportunities to engage in meaningful research partnerships.

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    TV Production and Graphics Lab


    The Television Production and Graphics Lab is a unique professional program at the Cronkite School where you gain hands-on experience in TV production, and learn to build creative and innovative motion graphics.

  • Educating for Democracy?


    In this course, students will investigate the purpose of education, examine past and current educational innovations, and reimagine school by designing initiatives for K-12 students to learn democracy by practicing democracy in their everyday lives in school in ways that cultivate student agency, develop empathy, and give meaningful voice to all constituencies in the school community.

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    School of Art Research


    Explore research initiatives led by faculty from the School of Art and discover avenues to connect with them for potential opportunities.

  • Families Living (Un)Documented


    Families Living (Un)Documented will investigate the history, experiences, and wellbeing of Latinx immigrant children and youth with mixed-status families through qualitative methods such as storytelling, oral history, and digital archives and quantitative methods such as systematic reviews. 

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    W.P. Carey Research Centers and Labs


    Explore opportunities at W.P. Carey research centers and department-supported labs, where they are conducting the latest research.

  • InnovationSpace


    Take part in this transformative experience, where students from diverse majors develop their collaborative and innovative skills while creating extraordinary projects using the Integrated Innovation model. You will connect with high-achieving peers and learn from corporate mentors as you complete a real-world product development project.

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    New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab


    The New Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab teaches students how to imagine the vast possibilities of information delivery, shows them how to build it, and gives them the skills and confidence to be leaders in innovation.

  • Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)


    Join the national award-winning social entrepreneurship program that tackles engineering-based problems for different industries and organizations. Design, build and deploy systems to solve real-world problems with a common theme of finding environmentally friendly solutions!